Looking After Your Mouth

Looking After Your Mouth

At Birchwood Dental Practice we strive to help our patients to prevent oral disease.  This includes tooth decay, gum disease and other more serious conditions such as oral cancer.

As well as screening you at each visit for oral conditions your dentist will give you advice about diet and lifestyle to help prevent any future problems.

By attending on a regular basis we are able to identify oral disease early and treat it more effectively and straightforwardly.

Watch this video with your children to help them understand how to look after their teeth and why:

Delivering Better Oral Health

Boy Brushing TeethIn order to support both PCTs and dental teams in the delivery of a more preventive approach, the Department of Health commissioned the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD) to develop this simplified prevention guide for primary dental care, designed for use by all the dental team within the surgery setting.

The advice from this report is summarised in this section for the benefit of patients.

Prevention of tooth decay for children under 6 years old
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Prevention of tooth decay in children aged from 7 years and young adults
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Prevention of tooth decay in adults
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Prevention of periodontal (gum) disease – to be used in addition to tooth decay prevention advice
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NHS Choices Website – Dental Section

The NHS Choices website dental section has a lot of useful information on how to look after your own teeth and those of your children, as well as answering many other dental health questions.

Visit NHS Choices – your health, your choices – Dental Health Section

Last updated on December 4th, 2013