Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Woman Flossing Teeth

Interdental cleaning with floss or interdental brushes is important in preventing gum disease

Prevention of periodontal (gum) disease – to be used in addition to tooth decay prevention advice

All adolescents and adults

• Brush teeth systematically twice daily with either:– a manual brush with a small head and round end filaments,a compact, angled arrangement of long and short filaments and a comfortable handle
OR – a powered toothbrush with an oscillating/rotating head
• Do not smoke
• Consider using toothpastes containing:
– triclosan with copolymer, or
– triclosan with zinc citrate to improve levels of plaque control
• Toothpastes with stannous fluoride may reduce gingivitis
• Clean interdentally using interdental brushes or floss
• Maintain good dietary practices in line with The Balance of Good Health

The toothpastes with “Total” in the title generally contain triclosan – always check on the packaging.

Last updated on December 4th, 2013