If you are in need of specialist dental care such as orthodontics (braces) or treatment under sedation we can refer you to another dental clinic which provides these services.


Orthodontics is the term given to straightening of teeth and is usually done with appliances commonly known as ‘braces’.  An orthodontist will only be able to undertake treatment once your mouth is clean and healthy therefore it is important to see a general dentist first.

Following examination, discussion and any necessary treatment we can refer you on to an orthodontist to look further at the options available to you.  We have an excellent working relationship with our local orthodontic practice Victoria House in Warrington but we can refer you to any orthodontic specialist of your choosing.

NHS orthodontics is only available to children who have irregularities in their teeth of a certain severity.  Your dentist will be able to advise you of what the likely outcome of an orthodontic assessment will be but ultimately it is for the orthodontist to determine if you qualify for NHS treatment.


Our dentists are all very experienced in dealing with anxious and nervous patients.  Sedation is designed to help those individuals who are unable to cope with receiving dental treatment in any other way.  By its very nature it involves taking more time out of work and we will always offer you alternatives first.  There are very few patients who cannot cope with dental treatment with a kind and patient approach.

If following examination and explanation of the treatment required we decide sedation is the best way forward for some or all of your treatment we can refer you to a clinic for the work to be carried out.  Sedation is available on the NHS although more complex work under sedation may only be available from a private provider.

Oral Surgery

Removal of buried wisdom teeth, retained roots and other minor oral surgical procedures can often be carried out at the Warrington NHS dental clinic at the Bath Street Health & Wellbeing Centre.  If we are unable to undertake this work we will refer you for this treatment to be provided on the NHS at no additional cost.

Other Advanced Dental Services

Other advanced dental services such as complex cosmetic dentistry, difficult root canal treatments or implant work can be discussed with your dentist and a referral made to an appropriate provider of these services.

Last updated on December 18th, 2013